The following code is publicly available on my Github profile under open-source licences:

  • Monogenic Signal– I have two implementations of the monogenic signal and derived features including local phase, feature symmetry/asymmetry and phase congruency. One is in Matlab/Octave, and the other is in C++ using OpenCV.
  • RIFeatures – A small C++ library for efficient calculation of rotation invariant features in 2D images using OpenCV.
  • Canopy – A header-only C++ library for highly customisable random forest models.
  • fetal_heart_analysis – This repository contains the remaining code to implement all the experiments in my DPhil thesis.
  • heart_annotation_tool – Simple GUIs for annotating fetal heart videos.

By combining these repositories, you can perform all the experiments in my DPhil thesis.

I also contribute to the following open-source projects:

  • highdicom – A library providing high-level DICOM abstractions for the Python programming language to facilitate the creation and handling of DICOM objects for image-derived information, including image annotations and image analysis results.
  • ct_body_composition – A deep-learning enabled fully-automated tool for body composition in abdominal CTs.