Publications and Activities

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Journal and Conference Papers

  • “Fully-Automated Analysis of Body Composition from CT in Cancer Patients Using Convolutional Neural Networks“

    C.P. Bridge, M. Rosenthal, B. Wright, G. Kotecha, F. Fintelmann, F. Troschel, N. Miskin, K. Desai, W. Wrobel, A. Babic, N. Khalaf, L. Brais, M. Welch, C. Zellers, N. Tenenholtz, M. Michalski, B. Wolpin, and K. Andriole

    Workshop on Clinical Image-based Procedures, MICCAI, Granada 2018

    [Springer Link] [arXiv]

  • “Temporal HeartNet: Towards Human-Level Automatic Analysis of Fetal Cardiac Screening Video“

    W. Huang, C.P. Bridge, J.A. Noble, and A. Zisserman

    MICCAI, Québec City 2017, pp. 341-349

    [Springer Link] [arXiv] [Slides] [Poster]

  • “Localizing Cardiac Structures in Fetal Heart Ultrasound Video”

    C.P. Bridge, C. Ioannou, and J.A. Noble

    Machine Learning in Medical Imaging Workshop, MICCAI, 2017, pp. 246-255

    [Springer Link] [Authors’ Manuscript] [Poster]

  • “A Framework for Analysis of Linear Ultrasound Videos to Detect Fetal Presentation and Heartbeat”

    M.A. Maraci, C.P. Bridge, R. Napolitano, A. Papageorghiou, and J.A. Noble

    Medical Image Analysis, 37 (April 2017) pp. 22-36

    [Open Access Paper]

  • “Automated Characterisation Of The Fetal Heart In Ultrasound Images Using Fully Convolutional Neural Networks”

    V. Sundaresan, C.P. Bridge, C. Ioannou, and J.A. Noble

    IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Melbourne, April 2017, pp. 671-674

    [IEEE Xplore]

  • “Automated Annotation and Quantitative Description of Ultrasound Videos of the Fetal Heart”

    C.P. Bridge, C. Ioannou, and J.A. Noble

    Medical Image Analysis 36 (February 2017) pp. 147-161

    [Open Access Paper] [Authors’ Manuscript]

  • “Object Localisation in Fetal Ultrasound Images Using Invariant Features”

    C.P. Bridge and J.A. Noble

    Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, New York City, 2015

    [IEEE Xplore] [Authors’ Manuscript] [Poster] (© IEEE 2015)

Conference Abstracts

  • “Deep Learning for Acute Ischemic Stroke on Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging”

    B. Bizzo, C.P. Bridge, S. Pedemonte, B. Wright, R.R. Almeida, S. Doyle, M. Walters, N. Tenenholtz, A. McCarthy, S. Pomerantz, K. Andriole, R. Gonzalez, and M. Michalski

    RSNA, Chicago 2018 (to appear)

  • “Towards automating the ISUOG ‘six‐step basic ultrasound’ scan”

    M.A. Maraci, C.P. Bridge, J.A. Noble, C. Aye, M. Molloholli, R. Napolitano, A.T. Papageorghiou

    Abstracts of the 25th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Montreal 2015

    [Wiley Online]

Other Resources

  • C.P. Bridge, “Computer-Aided Analysis of Fetal Cardiac Ultrasound Videos” – DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford, 2017 [PDF] [Oxford Research Archive]
  • C.P. Bridge, “An Introduction to the Monogenic Signal” – A tutorial on the monogenic signal. [arXiv] [PDF]
  • C.P. Bridge, “Registration of the Human Femur” – MEng Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2013 [PDF]

Peer Review

I have contributed peer reviews to the following journals and conferences:

  • PLoS ONE
  • IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging